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Unicorn with Princess
Image by JL G from Pixabay

Are Unicorns myth or real? It can be both in you believe hard enough. It has been a topic of discussion for hundreds of years and probably will be for as long as time.

Think about it, it is not hard to picture such a grand and exquisite animal of such stature. The Unicorn embodies gentleness and grace in motion. To delight of young and old it is an escape to what could be. So if want to believe or you already are convinced, Unicorns do exist, if only in your mind. And what’s wrong with that?

More About Unicorns

There is a lot written about Unicorns. Many books and short stories include depictions of Unicorns in a endless scenarios.

For more information you can click here and read more detail and thoughts on the history and mythology associated with Unicorns.

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